Our Brand

Gau as a brand represent the roots of mother nature, nature which is raw and healthy.The brand believes that every human has a right to consume what is healthy and is without any adulteration. Our mission is to ensure that every person is consuming healthy organic and unadulterated Gau's Milk.

Our Milk

Gau farm is equipped with state of the art milk production system. From our farm to your home the milk is never touched by a single human hand. Every Gau in our Farms is milked at the farm’s automatic milking system and then sent to bulk cooler which ensures no human touch. The milk is then packed in special gable top packaging and sent to our customers homes through our own cold chain delivery system.

Our Journey

The milk travels to you in our cold supply chain at 4* c and is delivered at your doorstep within few hours of milking. Our delivery professionals carry the environment friendly gable top packs in insulated containers and deliver the milk at customers’ doorsteps.

Organic Farming

By not using pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organism (GMO), antibiotics & growth hormones.

The Comfort

Spreading across 40 acres ensures the comfort of agriculture & livestock.
The farm is situated in eco-friendly zone, where population of humans is less than animals & that provides an ultimate comfort for livestock.

Gau Organic Milk


- No synthetic contamination
- Low fat
- Loaded with vitamin A,B,C,D,E & K
- Antioxidants rich
- Rich in protein, calcium & CLA
- Omega-3 fatty acids

The Packaging


- Protected with 3 layers
- Protect milk from light, bacteria & oxygen
- 100% disposable
- Maintain raw taste for hours
- Made from 100% virgin paperboard
- Environment friendly


Co-operative dairies:

- Producing tonnes of milk without cows

- Adding synthetic material

- Processed milk

- Handling milk for days


- 99.9% of milk is adulterated

- Hormones injected to cows

- Unhygienic supply chain

- Oxytocin Injection to produce milk

- Giving by-pass fat

- Inhuman practices with livestock

Gau Dairy:

√  Home grown organic feed & fodder

√  Milking of cows, to your home : within 60 mins

√  Cold supply chain

√  Grass fed grazing

√  Milk from farm - to - home, no middle man


√   Handling & milking of livestock without humans


Produced, Packed and Delivered by
PEI Organic Foods LLP

© Gaudairy. All rights reserved 2016

The Brand – Fresh Far-moo-la

Gau is a family owned organic dairy milk brand.
Produced locally and delivered by our professionals
directly to your home. The raw milk directly from
our farm with no middle men involved. Carefully
packed in hygienic conditions and smart packaging
the milk is in its purest form.


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